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Center for Research – actions on Forest Gardens. New Agroforestry Practices. Lesser-Known Food Plants. Rewilding. Landscape Restoration. Climate Adaptation. Agroforestry Cuisine.

What is a forest garden ?

Forest gardens are wooded gardens, edible forests. Based on the use of perennial plants, these spaces offer a wide variety of foods, requiring minimal overall maintenance.
Able to thrive in rural or urban environments, on small or large surfaces, forest gardens nourish, educate, beautify, care for, challenge, and provide climate control.    

Their architecture is distinctive:

● Food canopy (trees over 10 meters)
● Small food trees (4-9 meters)
● Shrubs (up to 3 meters)
● Terrestrial and aquatic food herbs
● Root vegetables and tuberous plants
● Ground cover and creepers, mushrooms
● Fruit-bearing vines, climbing plants


The Gourmet Forest is essentially a 2.5-hectare forest garden with open spaces, trails, hedges, and clearings housing a wide variety of cultivars and plant species.

It also serves as a site for experimentation and research on new species, new food sources, and the synergy of plants.

Towards new sources of food.

Currently, our Western diet relies on only 30 to 60 plant species, some of which are imported. However, there are 7,000 edible species that can be cultivated (without any technical reinforcement) in temperate climates. In this necessary return to biodiversity, let’s imagine salads made from tree leaves and perennial plants that produce for years (such as linden, mahogany, deadnettle, hosta…). Let’s consider exotic and sweet fruits coming from hardy trees in your forest garden (like pawpaws, hovenias, serviceberries…). Let’s also explore the various vines that grow here and there, yielding baskets of fruits (such as grapes, kiwis, schisandras…). The Gourmet Forest works with these new products and introduces them to both the general public and professionals in the restaurant industry.

Cultivate your sustainable abundance with the Forest Garden.

For whom ?

This section is for everyone, from gardening beginners to ecology enthusiasts and those curious about new approaches to food cultivation.


We will assist you in optimizing your harvest of fruits, vegetables, and edible plants by providing practical advice for abundant and consistent production. Furthermore, we promote a sustainable and balanced approach to food production. Join us in the Forest Garden adventure and discover how to maximize your yields while respecting the environment.


We are here to guide you in creating a forest garden tailored to your space and environment, promote sustainable and balanced food cultivation, and provide practical advice to increase your garden’s productivity while reducing the required effort.

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